Monday, April 25, 2011

Work In Progress

 Current work in progress.. 100 pieces of Love keychain and 100 pieces of TQ Card for a dear friend wedding.. what do say about the design. Comment are most welcome

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Handmade & Crafting from the heart =)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

I was browsing thru my 2nd mobile and stumble upon one of my album inside it. I was my first photos of my involvement with felting. The photos was dated back in October 2009. I remember back than asking SekociNorlie where to get the material and she told me a few store and I was so eager and going around looking for the shop. I remember being lost trying to look for ways to go to Sri Petaling. I was not familiar with that area back then. And I managed to reach Sri Petaling, I have to go around that area few time because I couldn't find a way to get to that particular shop. And when I found it, I bought whatever I can from that shop and spent almost RM500 buying all the felt in all color and other supplies too. I wasn't even thinking of starting a business back then, I was only having fun trying something new. Most of my creation are only given to friends and family for free since I was only having fun and trying to improved my sewing skills. Until before my wedding month, I had the opportunity to meet SekociNorlie face to face. We had lunch a.k.a simple class, sewing and eating and chit chatting at the same time. It was fun and I've the correct way to do the blanket stitch. Here is the link to what we have done on that particular lunch date, written by Sekoci herself. And after being married for few months then I decided to do an online business since i have nothing much to do at home. Enough about all that, just feast your eyes with all the photos...

The Making Of The Pinky Ginger Man

The Making Of Mr. Owl

 The Lunch Date with SekociNorlie.. No photos of her because this is from her camera, I was too busy sewing that I forgot to take her photo... (photo : SekociNorlie )

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Handmade & Crafting from the heart =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Updating Ver 2.0

 I just can't get enough of my own blog-shop layout and look.. So here I am struggling with the HTML code and many more only to repair my blog-shop look.. Its almost done.. I can say 85% for now because I am stuck at certain thing.. hopefully I'll be able to finish everything within this week. However, everything else including the order form are still running correctly so there shouldn't be any problem if you guys decided to order anything.. till then

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Handmade & Crafting from the heart =)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Order Coming In

Alhamdullilah.. praise to Allah that I received an order for a wedding gift, for now it's 100 pieces of mixture of HP Charm or Keychain with a TQ tag...

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Handmade &Crafting from the heart =)


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